Jackie Hilderling

They’re big, they’re beautiful, and they’re back from the brink of extinction!  Presenter Jackie Hildering is a researcher with the Marine Education and Research Society and wishes to share MERS’ research with those who are most often on or near the water and discuss how we can work together to better understand these giants and the risks they face (for the sake of boater and whale safety). Information will include research on Humpback feeding and rate of entanglement and efforts to increase awareness around collision and what to do if entanglement is witnessed. As an avid diver and underwater photographer, Jackie is also known as “The Marine Detective” with recent on-camera experience including being featured on Animal Planet’s “Wild Obsession” series and in the BBC production “New threat to Canada’s Pacific humpback whales?” It indeed promises to be informative and entertaining! See www.mersociety.org.