Boundary Pack For Sale

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‘NEW’ Boundary™ Portage Pack [70 LTR Yellow]  Still in original Package

The Boundary Pack is perfect for everything from canoeing and camping to protecting your gear on trains, buses, and bush trails.  Features a watertight Dry Seal roll-top closure, along with a heavy-duty, 30-ounce scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom and 19-ounce scrim-reinforced vinyl body. A lightweight suspension system includes waterproof and ventilated shoulder straps, as well as a waist belt on every size. The roll down closure design is excellant allowing you to decide whether to compress all of the air out of the bag, or, if you’re canoeing, to seal in a certain amount of air for flotation in the event of capsize.

Removable Suspension: Ideal for moderate loads or heavier ones on short hauls.

Reliable Protection: Dry Seal roll-top Closure ensures the best watertight seal possible.

Built Tough: 19 oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl side with heavy duty 30 oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom.

Extra Security: Side cinch straps add peace of mind and secure compression with big loads.

Weight 2 lbs 9 oz / 1.16 kg

Width 9 in / 23 cm

Length 17.5 in / 44 cm

Height 25 in / 64 cm

Volume 3940 cu. in / 65 liters Closure Dry Seal dual-strip roll-down

Material(s) 19-oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl body, 30-oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom


16 foot handcrafted Mahogany sea kayak with Kevlar hull

Weighs 43 pounds. As new condition. $690 FIRM

Builder designed a very cool stabilizer that slips over it, ideal set up for fishing, inclusive rod holder and a place to rest paddles and rod. Is unable to use due to back problems.

Paddles not included.

Claude Bigler