The Sultanate of Oman has ideal winter weather for kayaking with average day time temperatures of 24°C and minimum night time temperatures of 15°C. One region of Oman that is not visited by many tourists is Musandam – separated from the rest of the country by Fujairah an area of the United Arab Emirates which was annexed from Oman in 1850.

Musandam is a peninsular approximately 72km in length and 32km wide. The northern tip juts out into the Strait of Hormuz and is 48km south of Iran. The wild & rocky shoreline was once the haven of pirates who could hide in the relatively calm waters of its fjords.

In January 2010 a friend – who just happened to be a kayak guide – arranged a visit us in Oman. The idea of a kayak trip was suggested & the opportunity to paddle in Musandam was seized upon. The presentation will highlight the logistics involved in finding a third kayak, arranging the trip, getting to the area and the six nights/seven days spent in a remote region with very few villages & facilities.