Air Park Up the Courtenay River – Sept 10, 2018

Destination: Leave from the Courtenay Air Park and go up the Courtenay River into the Puntledge and Tsolum Rivers.

Date:   Monday, September 10, 2018

Time and Meeting Place: Be ready to launch by 6:00 PM.  Meet at the Courtenay Air Park.

Description: This paddle is on Monday because of the high tide early in the evening. (16.5 ft at 7:20PM). We will paddle up the Courtenay River past Lewis Park and go up the Puntledge until the current becomes too strong. We will play for a few minutes in the current there. Be ready for some shallow water paddling. Those who don’t want to play in the current can watch from the quiet eddy. We will then turn down the Puntledge River and turn up the Tsolum River. There is a log completely across the river at the Maple Pool campground but at this high tide we should be able to paddle over it and up the river as far as the high tide will allow. We will then turn around and make our way back to the air park. 

Length of Trip: About 2 hours

Rating: 1

(for more details

Coordinator: Frank McCullough   250 871-1933

Max. People: Come one come all

Notes: This is one of my favourite local paddles.




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