Wednesday Evening Paddle Suggestions

Location Description Notes
AirparkPoint Destination Notes
Airpark Upriver
-very sheltered against most winds
- in strong SE winds the river can get choppy
-a trip to the mouth of the Tsolum River is
recommended at tides above 3.5m / 11.5ft
AirparkAirpark Down river / Estuary !
Robb Bluff / Emerald
Shores has proven to be a
good turnaround point
for evening paddle
-exposed to (strong) SE winds
- not recommended for tides below 1.8m / 6ft
(shallow parts south of Portuguese Joe's)
- on a high high tide (above 4.6m / 15ft)
crossing to the west side of the sand banks can be rewarding
Argyle RoadCoal Hills/ Union Bay- shoreline paddle
-2nd turn off to the left after the Kingfisher
Resort when heading south on Hwy 19A
- wind and current (at big tide changes) in
Baynes Sound can influence your paddling time
- outhouse/ice cream break in Union Bay
Berray Road
(near Rosewall
Creek Park)
Shoreline in either
-Turn left onto Berray Road from Inland Island
Hwy heading south (directly after the bridge)
follow the road to the end (take the right fork
at the end)
-minimal parking
-exposed in windy conditions
Comox Lake
Boat Ramp
Lake Park)
East End of Comox Lake- the eastern shore line of the Lake is fairly
sheltered (Cumberland side) Lake / Fish &
Game Club - avoid the direct crossing to the
Fish & Game Club when strong winds are
Comox Dam
(past the
(past the
Comox Lake
- can get choppy after long periods of SE winds
funneling through (past the bridge) the longer
part of the lake
- sheltered paddling with prevailing NW winds
- interesting rock formations and the sandy
delta to the west, a maze of tree stumps to
the east
Comox Dam
Puntledge Rivermonitor water release forecast
- getting boats over steps to launch site
requires good footwear
- sheltered and easy leisurely paddle suitable
for most weather conditions
- on shorter days the light decreases faster
than on open water
Goose SpitComox Marina
(or Marina to the Spit –
note there is a launch
fee from the Marina)
- easy, sheltered shoreline paddle
- visit the seals
-beware of boat traffic if you cross the
entrance to the marina
Goose SpitRoyston Wrecks-exposed to SE winds, the crossing gets choppy
-heavy and fast boat traffic to / from Comox
-the wrecks are in different state of decay and
the bigger part is submerged, be cautious
around the hulls
Kye Bay-shoreline paddle exposed to all prevailing
winds and swells
- the bay is dry at medium to low tides
Kin Beach- shoreline paddle exposed to all prevailing
winds and swells
- launch / pull out is difficult / tricky at all but
highest tides
- long carry from parking lot -> use the one to
the north of the park (past the shelter)
Kitty Coleman
Boat Ramp
- shoreline paddle exposed to all prevailing
winds and swells
Maple Lake-turn north off the Comox Valley Parkway onto
Minto Road, follow the left branch under the
highway to the end
-road is a bit rough at times
-launch on east side of lake near parking area
-protected from wind with shoreline trees
Wolf Lake- subject to funneling of all prevailing winds
-road may be closed